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About us

Our strengths

Extended branch network throughout Kazakhstan
Reliable transport safety system
Individual approach to every client
Wide experience, highly sophisticated services – 15 years on the market of encashment services
100% insurance coverage of transported valuables

Our Story

Halyk Inkassacia LLP, Subsidiary of Halyk Bank of Kazakhstan, is part of HALYK GROUP – financial group of companies consolidated around Halyk Bank of Kazakhstan JSC. Halyk Bank of Kazakhstan Joint Stock Company is a sole Member of Halyk Inkassacia LLP.

Halyk Inkassacia LLP, Subsidiary of Halyk Bank of Kazakhstan, was established in April 2005, though actually began its activities in 1995 as collection service of Halyk Bank of Kazakhstan JSC.

Activities of Halyk Inkassacia LLP, Subsidiary of Halyk Bank of Kazakhstan, is licensed by the National Bank of Kazakhstan. License No. 7 was issued by the National Bank of the Republic of Kazakhstan on February 9, 2007 for the following banking operations: Collection of Banknotes, Coins and Valuables.

Collection of banknotes, coins and valuables is the only business of the Company.

Halyk Inkassacia LLP is the largest carrier of cash and valuables in the country, reliable partner with the strong financial position annually confirmed by the independent international auditor (Deloitte). Over the course of Kazakhstan independence, the Company remains at the head of the National Business Rating on the collection services market of Kazakhstan.

Today Halyk Inkassacia LLP has 54 structural divisions that provide collection services to customers in all regions of the country.

Halyk Inkassacia LLP has many years of experience in collecting business, strong reputation and trust of the partners. The Company provides services to the greatest number of bank and business objects throughout Kazakhstan.

Mission and Values

In doing business Halyk Inkassacia LLP is driven by the values of HALYK GROUP:
Focus on customer:  Success of our clients is our success.We do our best to understand the needs of our clients and use all our resources to offer the most effective solutions so that our clients succeed.
Reliability: We fully comply with the effective laws of the Republic of Kazakhstan, regulations and rules of HALYK GROUP. Reliability is a key to security of our most valuable asset – business reputation.
Integrity: We are working towards thoroughly honest business at all times and in all places. We adhere to the policy of the maximum business openness and transparency for the founders, clients, business partners, public authorities, and employees.
Responsibility – Effective safeguarding of entrusted valuables and accompanying client representatives.
Leadership: We aim for the leading position in services to all groups of our clients in all market segments. Our management relies on resolve and commitment, vigor and enthusiasm.
Professionalism: We strain after the highest standards of professional practice, we are open for innovations and new ideas, we act decisively and consistently. We provide all services to our clients with good faith, in a timely manner and upon the best terms and conditions, which ensures strong long-run relationships therewith.


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