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Information System Manager


  1. Installation, adjustment and administration of operating systems and network software, workstations, anti-virus software;
  2. Administration of information systems, local network, arrangement of access to peripheral devices in accordance with the approved internal information security documents;
  3. Keeping a record of computer equipment, multiplying equipment, peripheral equipment, communication equipment, etc.;
  4. Planning the Company equipment with computer equipment, software and peripheral devices;
  5. Computer equipment, communication equipment, peripheral devices maintenance and repair;
  6. Budget planning and monitoring in part of expense items related to the area of responsibility;
  7. Organization and carrying out of software, communication equipment, maintenance, consumables and other goods and services procurements that ensure proper work of the Company information system in accordance with the established rules on the Company;
  8. Maintenance of GPS system in the Company;
  9. Maintenance of the electronic document flow system in the Company.

Key requirements

  1. Excellent knowledge of Microsoft operating systems and software solutions, Microsoft Office, basic knowledge of TCP/IP protocol family;
  2. System-wide software products, anti-virus software support;
  3. Basic knowledge of Client-Server architecture, being familiar with architecture and hardware components of workstations and servers;
  4. Prior experience working with Linux operating systems;
  5. Prior experience working with 1C:Enterprise (server and client side);
  6. Prior experience working in the field of information technologies of at least three years;
  7. Prior experience working with telephone and radio communication (setting of automatic telephone exchange, telephone sets, radio stations);
  8. Knowledge of automated information systems development, implementation and maintenance documents;
  9. Technical English language proficiency, ability to read technical documentation;
  10. Knowing rules and standards of information security, occupational health and safety, fire protection in effect in the Bank and the Company;
  11. Knowledge of and ability to apply the effective laws and regulations of the Republic of Kazakhstan;
  12. Skills in accounting and reporting.

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Cash-in-Transit Guard/Driver


  1. Aged under 40
  2. Continuity of employment as per the Employment Record Book
  3. No housing problems
  4. City registration
  5. Married
  6. No criminal and administrative charges (except for fines for traffic violation)
  7. Sound health
  8. No loans would be an asset, in case of loans monthly payments should not exceed KZT 40 thousand.
  9. For drivers: BC category driving license, confirmed employment record of at least 2 years, prior experience working on Gazelle vehicles would be an asset.
  10. Service in armed forces, national security, law enforcement, and civil defense agencies.

If you have any questions please contact us by phone:
8 727 259-02-21
8 775 445 55 04
8 707 184 48 48
8 771 109 60 79

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