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Business & Private Customers

Services to Business Customers

Collection of cash from the Client’s facilities and outlets and transfer of the same to the designated bank
Delivery of cash (national and foreign currency, fractional coins) from the designated bank to the Client's facilities and outlets without participation of the Client’s representatives
Encashment of payment terminals, delivery of cassettes, safe packages, bags and containers with cash to the designated bank
Armed escort of the Client with valuables in the armored car
Storage of valuables at night time, on days off and holidays
Delivery of valuables throughout Kazakhstan by air, rail and motor transport:
банкнот и монет национальной и иностранной валюты
драгоценных металлов и изделий из них
культурных ценностей
платежных карточек и документов

Services to Private Customers

Armed escort of the Client with valuables to/from the bank in the armored car
Delivery of valuables from the bank to the Client’s address

Security Guarantees

Strict confidentiality of contracts signed with the clients, there is not a single chance of information leaks
Outstanding work of employees with the highest professional qualification
Strict adherence to the personnel and valuables safety instructions
Equipping of cash-in-transit guards with advanced weapons and personal protection equipment
Carrying of valuables in the modern armored special purpose vehicle equipped with urgent alarm systems
Continuous control of cash-in-transit guards and special purpose motor transport on routes using GPS system, advanced radio communication and surveillance means


Service rates shall be established on a case-by-case basis with due account for:
Number of facilities and outlets served
Amount of valuables carried
Frequency and time of services (day/night)
Remoteness of service objects
Particulars of service objects’ location, access roads and routes thereto
Type of valuables (banknotes, coins, securities, etc.) carried
Lead seals and binding twine shall be provided free of charge